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01A getaway to Slovenia & Istria

A starting point from which to discover the rich cultural heritage, GREEN countryside and the most important cities of Istria and beyond.

02Guided by the Bite

Experience custom, habits, cuisine and wines as gateways to our culture. We'd be thrilled to plan a personalized experience, just for you.

03Going “authentic”

Nonna always said that you don’t truly know someone until you spend time in the kitchen together. And when nonna is right, nonna is right.

Best Things to Do in the City

Exploring destinations, food and culture in Koper and it's surroundings.

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Location: Vanganel, Koper - Capodistria, SloveniaWebsite: http:/ 070500222
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Become a wine expert in 2 hours thanks to a casual tasting class! You are looking for a class to

Location: Titov trg, Koper, SloveniaWebsite: http://www.alfredotours.comPhone: +386 70 500 437
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Location: Padna, Piran, SloveniaWebsite: 070500500
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Location: Titov trg, Koper, SloveniaWebsite: http:/ 070 555 555
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Location: Piran, Slovenia

Mediterranea wine tour


On Mediterranea wine tour you will discover the sheer variety of wines and vineyards of the

Location: Hanoi, VietnamWebsite: http:/www.hanoi.comPhone: 070 555 444
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Mickies Dairy Bar


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Location: Mickies Dairy Bar, Monroe Street, Madison, WI, United StatesWebsite: 504 569 8361
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Matt's Big Breakfast


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Hoa Lu and Tam Coc


I’m about to share my full travel details to Vietnam’s hidden gem. This is a detailed Ninh Binh

Location: Hoa Lư, Ninh Bình Province, VietnamWebsite: 504 569 8361

Upcoming Events

See a complete list of all the ongoing & upcoming events in Koper and much more!

Bringing home a piece of destination

Take with you a SOUVENIR - a memento of your visit to Koper. An objects that represent the tradition and culture of the region.

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Tips for you

Don't forget to check the tips before traveling. Know better, go better!