Predjama Castle

Predjama Castle is situated in the middle of a towering cliff, a mere 9 km from Postojna Cave. Picturesque, magnificent, defiant, mysterious and impregnable, it has been dominating the surrounding area, perched high up in the 123-metre high cliff, for more than 800 years. It is listed among the Guinness World Records as the largest cave castle in the world.


Predjama Castle with its location and mysterious tunnels is truly something special. It impresses visitors with how well the natural cave and the man-made castle walls are interwoven, sometimes making it difficult to see where the former ends and the latter begin.

In the past, the castle provided the venue for the filming of several science documentaries and feature films. A few years ago, the castle was visited by a Discovery Channel team that was in search of any unexplained events and managed to capture a number of visual images and sounds that could not be quite clearly specified. In 1986, Predjama Castle was one of the filming locations of the film Armour of God with Jackie Chan in the starring role.

Its picturesque interior and exterior would make a perfect venue for the filming of historical and fantasy films such as Harry Potter or Game of Thrones. In 2011, the castle was visited by the famous writer and screenwriter George R. R. Martin,and who knows when he might return to Predjama with a new screenplay in hand.

The castle offers a unique insight into the construction techniques and ingenuity of medieval people who came here searching for a safe haven right at the entrance to the cave. During a siege in the 15th century, the castle offered refuge to its most famous and notorious owner – Erazem of Predjama. The appealing and inspiring legend about the brave robber baron Erazem, who had remained undefeated until he was betrayed by one of his servants, still lives on in the common lore, and rightly so as the gallant knight resisted the besiegers inside his safe castle for over a year without any major problems.

The karstic terrain beneath the castle with its cave system was an excellent choice. It provided Erazem and his people with a secret passage that lead to freedom, a source of drinking water, a further place for hiding and storage of food – everything that turned out to be indispensable, invaluable and essential during the siege.

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